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The Consorcio Espacial Valenciano – Val Space Consortium carries out scientific research activities and technological development services in any field of activity related to the Space sector, increasing the safety and quality of production of space systems, as well as carrying out all those activities aimed, directly or indirectly, at achieving social and economic progress in Europe as far as the Space sector is concerned, specifically with:

  1. The preparation and performance of tests, tests, analysis techniques, synthesis strategies and design processes, as well as measurement methods and specifications of space systems.
  2. The provision of technical advisory and diagnostic services, as well as the certification of systems and products in the Space sector.
  3. The carrying out of studies, reports, projects, advice and regulation on standards and specifications in the Space sector.
  4. The implementation of research and development programmes in the field of space technology.
  5. The transfer to companies and other interested entities of the technology generated in the research of the Valencian Space Consortium – Val Space Consortium.
  6. Collaboration in research, innovation, regulation, training and dissemination with all public and private national and international organisations involved in the development of technologies that can be applied in the Space sector.
  7. The promotion of continuous training of professionals and students related to the Space sector, through collaboration in postgraduate programmes (doctorate and master’s degree), courses, seminars and congresses.
  8. The promotion of the dissemination of information through the publication of scientific-technical documentation and bibliography, as well as newsletters on the activities of the Valencian Space Consortium – Val Space Consortium.
  9. In general, the implementation of any activity aimed at the advancement of science, technology, quality, legislation, competitiveness and the expansion of the space sector in Europe and beyond.


The government structure is composed by the Governing Board, the Executive Commission, the Scientific&Technical Commission, the Presidency, the Vice-Presidencies and the Managing Director.

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Article 63 of Law 9/2017, of November 8, about Contracts of the Public Sector, establishes that the contracting bodies will disseminate their contractor profiles exclusively through the Internet.

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