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The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is an international innovation contest that awards the best ideas for applications in satellite navigation. It is annually looking for services, products, and business innovations that use satellite navigation in everyday life. Launched in 2004 with three partner regions the competition has grown into a huge global network of innovation and expertise of currently 25 global partner regions and more than 200 industry and research experts around the world.

The prize pool of the ESNC 2014 is expected to have a total value of about EUR 1 million. No matter how developed the project, service or business innovation is – you can win prizes that support you to take the next step with your business case. Prizes include cash, business incubation, business coaching, patent consulting, technical support, access to testing facilities, prototype development, publicity, marketing support, market & feasibility studies, access to experts & public funding, licences and much more.

The Valencian Community Challenge in the ESNC 2014 is organized by Val Space Consortium in cooperation with the Valencian Science Parks: Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación (Universitat Politècnica de València), Parc Científic (Universitat de València), ESPAITEC – Parc Científic, Tecnològic i Empresarial (Universitat Jaume I de Castelló), Parque Científico-Empresarial (Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche) and Parque Científico de Alicante. It is also sponsored by EMXYS, TISSAT, INAER, KERAJET and TRINOS VACUUM PROJECTS.

On July, 8th the submission ideas deadline expired. Jointly with the expert German region of Bavaria, Valencia has been the second region in which most proposals have been received, which shows the great interest that exists for the new satellite navigation networks like Galileo. Until August, 25th  more than 20 reviewers will examine the 35 proposals received in Valencia. The winner will represent our region and will compete internationally by any of the available Galileo Masters 2014 prizes.

Good luck to all the participantes in ESNC 2014!

More Information about ESCN 2014

Galileo Masters ESNC 2014 Valencia

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